Walter L. Faust Esq.

In the late 80s Walter substantially limited his legal practice to the representation of individuals who suffered personal injuries by the negligence of others. He began this work in Philadelphia with an office whose work was limited to personal injury. Walter then moved to Northern New Jersey where he began trying cases in Passaic, Essex, Hudson and Bergen County. In 1992 he began a partnership in Englewood where he represented injured individuals in the courts of Northern New Jersey and in the local New York counties. In 2005, Walter took his practice to Leonia where he presently operates a community oriented practice helping people who find themselves injured by the negligence of others.


Walter is committed to giving his clients a realistic perception of their claim as early as he can. He will not give false optimism and with the tort threshold laws, there is often real hurdles to overcome before one might hope for a financial recovery. On the other hand, Walter will not hesitate to bring a case to trial before a jury where an insurance company does not offer monies which are representative with his clients’ harm. Almost every case is prepared as if it will proceed to trial. While Walter’s attention is given to the nuances which are a part of every case, he also engages the assistance of select colleagues when particular expertise is called for, i.e., with a traumatic brain injury case he might engage the attorney who wrote the treatise to this subject. When injuries occur in other States he will assist the client in obtaining medical treatment in New Jersey as well as helping the client to find the best trial lawyer in the jurisdiction where the injury occurred.

When undertaking a client’s representation, the attorney should give the client realistic perspectives from the outset. We understand and appreciate that most of our clients come to us by the recommendations of previous clients. Taking a lesser volume of select cases, Walter will dedicate his attention to the clients’ needs and concerns.